Legor Cicli Love Will Tear Us Apart All Road

Love Will Tear Us Apart is a reference most will get right off the bat. It is one of Mattia from Legor Cicli‘s and Franka from MAAD‘s favorite songs and one that they’ll sing to each other. Mattia has the habit of naming his bikes after songs, most of which are of the post-punk variety, full of emotion and vibrancy. This ideology spills over from the music onto and into Legor Cicli’s bikes.

The LWTUA is an all road bike with clearance for a 27.5 x 2.25″ tire or a 700c by 45mm tire. Normally bikes with such massive clearances look a little wide for a tire such as these Dugast 30mm file treads, but the LWTUA has a presence that commands respect. Clean lines, modern tubing, and an incredible paint job set this bike a few notches higher than the rest.

Mattia hand bends all the tubes and even the inner Italian purest in him loves the way these curvy stays look. He’s a traditionalist by default and prefers straight as an arrow stays normally, but in the interest of tire clearance and versatility, even he makes exceptions to his own rules.

An immense amount of love for the bicycle is what brought Mattia into framebuilding and as we can all see clearly, that love is holding this bike together.