LDG: Heavy Artillery Tank Fork


LDG: Heavy Artillery Tank Fork


Nate from LDG shared their new Tank Fork:

“Through rigorous testing and months of development, we’ve created a fork to withstand mass destruction.

A no-nonsense functional design; the Tank Fork features multiple gussets, thick chromoly investment casted dropouts and a fully machined one-piece steerer tube. Despite pumping as much brute strength into this fork as we could manage, we still haven’t left out any of the details we pride ourselves on. We’ve opted to machine our steerer for the extra rigidity and precise fit to ensure our fork would seat properly. Although this process adds to the manufacturing costs, we wanted a product that stands out from the rest in both strength and performance.”

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Just as we have ensured bombproof riding with our frame design, the boxed construction design, 14mm investment casted dropouts (comes standard w/ interchangeable 9mm or 10mm CNC’d spacers) designed to seat pegs properly without binding, and the use of thick chromoly tubing on the fork legs ensure peak performance under the most intense abuse. Tested by our riders off anything they could find, from rooftops to the tarmac.


Details Summary:
• Multiple Gussets
• 14mm Investment Casted Dropouts
• Comes Standard With Interchangeable 9mm or 10mm CNC’d Spacers for standard track hubs
• Dropouts Specifically Designed To Mount Pegs Properly
• Fully Machined One-Piece Steerer Tube
• Boxed Construction

• Steerer Tube = 1-1/8” Threadless
• Fork Rake / Offset = 30mm
• Axle to Crown (A2C) Length = 420mm
• Dropouts = 8mm Thick, Fitted to 9mm/10mm with Included Washer or Standard 14mm Axle.
• Material = 4130 Heat-Treated CRMO

Additional Details:
• Price: $175
• Estimated Release Date: 04.20.2011
• Colors: Raw, Matte Black, Drab Green

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