Late Night Frost Bite Recap


Late Night Frost Bite Recap

Frosty in the corner

Last night was Dan G’s Late Night Frost Bite alleycat. I rolled out to the start of the race and then to the afterparty at Affinity and Bushwick Country Club. It was a blast. A lot of people showed up. Even some of the older cats who’ve been throwing and racing alleycats in NYC for decades.

Ben, the fastest BMXr in NYC

If you didn’t catch all this on my Twitter, last night was a bit of a clusterfuck. As I was leaving the bar, Ben grabbed my Bruiser and I took his BMX. I was messing around on it and tried to do a manual. I guess I was a little more drunk than I thought I was because I immediately looped out on it and fell back, cracking my head on the asphalt. Luckily, I was wearing my helmet. I could have easily knocked myself out. Then, on the ride home (after I dragged Ben’s BMX down Grand street a block or so – sorry man!), I got rear-ended on Manhattan Ave by some drunk kids. It wasn’t anything major, but I got knocked off my bike. Cops saw it all and took care of the situation.

That’s Mike on the left

This was all after seeing Mike, aka Grandma, for the first time since his accident. He was telling me how glad he was to be wearing a helmet and that he would surely have been killed if he wasn’t. Hopefully he’ll send me photos of the helmet (please!).

With all the recent events that have been happening, I’m glad I was wearing mine last night.

I’ve got a bunch of photos up on my Flickr, so check them out.