Lance Armstrong’s Endgame


Lance Armstrong’s Endgame


We all gotta admit that when Lance retired after coming under accusations of doping that it was a little suspect. Why else would he retire if it wasn’t to save his name and the credibility of Livestrong? Well, Bicycling Magazine tackles this topic in their forthcoming issue where Bill Strickland takes a position on whether or not he believes Lance doped and what those implications are.

Personally, I don’t really care if Lance doped. This whole thing is a big witch hunt and even if he did, it’s not like he put lives at risk. To look at one instance in Lance’s career and overlook everything that he’s done for cancer research is missing the point. Granted, I feel like cancer research should be superseded by health care reform but that’s another debate. The bottom line is, Lance and Livestrong have certainly changed lives. What does that have to do with doping? Nothing at all. I just don’t get wrapped up in this debate too much. All I’m saying is look at the legacy, not the litigation.