Kyle’s We the People Avenger Coaster Brake Cruiser

Remember last week’s story about the Coaster Brake Challenge? Well, this was the bike that Kyle from Golden Saddle built up post-haste for the last race of the year. At the time, he wanted to save up for something special but with a race rapidly approaching, he had to go quick and easy…

We The People – the BMX company – has this cruiser bike called the Avenger. While they recently updated the frame to a disc brake 27.5 platform, Kyle got ahold of a 26″ model before they updated the frame at a closeout price. He then threw in a Stay-tru coaster wheel from QBP, swapped out the tires to something with a bigger bite, and put a longer seat post with a Brooks saddle to bring his saddle height up a bit. From there, he picked up a set of Santa Barbara Cruisers handlebars to bring the stack up a bit higher. With the bike all buttoned up, it was time for the races!

While the bike is far from ideal for the kind of terrain Paul chooses for his races, that kind of sketchy fun is what those races are all about! Last week, Kyle switched it up a bit to a vintage Kona MTB which he is way more stoked on and pending the reception on this bike, maybe I’ll shoot that one too!

What do you think?