Kona is Seeking Ambassadors for 2021


Kona is Seeking Ambassadors for 2021

Yep. You read that right! The team at Kona is looking to expand their brand ambassadors for 2021 and all ya gotta do is:

To apply, please send an email to ambassadors@konaworld.com and answer the following questions:

-Where do you live and what kind of bikes do you ride?
-What makes you unique in the biking world?
-What is it about Kona that you love and want to share with others?
-What kind of content are you able to create on your own? Any samples we can see?
-As a member of the Kona Ambassadors, what kind of support would you like from Kona?
-Who is a cyclist you admire most, and why?
-What is your dream Kona bike setup?

We’d also like you to scroll through some of the ambassador projects we’ve featured and let us know which project(s) resonate most with you and why.

Really, we’re looking for what makes YOU unique and what you’ve done to create a cool little niche in your biking world. So tell us anything you think we need to know about you and what makes you awesome.

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