Kinfolk: NYC Studios Open House


Kinfolk: NYC Studios Open House


So stoked for the Kinfolk crew. I got to see this space and talk with Maceo and Ryan about it when they first signed the lease. Unfortunately, I wasn’t about to help them out with it since I was moving to Austin for the winter but it looks like they got it all situated!

This just in from the Kinfolk wire:

“As you may or may not know, Kinfolk is in the process of building our new studio in Brooklyn. For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s an awesome space, and we have lot of great things planned for the property later this year, including the NY branch of the Kinfolk Bar & Lounge. It’s a big project, and a huge calling, but one we’re very excited about. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to open the doors to the public by March 1st.

We could use a little help from our friends to make this happen. It’s been a long and brutal winter, and it’s time we threw a party. So on Feb. 25th we’re having an Open house and Premiere exhibition. If you’re in the area, we want you there. If you want to help us out, buy a Kinfolk T-shirt. We’re making a special batch just for this event (see below). And for all of you outside of Japan who have been wondering how to get a hold of some Kinfolk gear, here’s your chance.

For those of you who can’t join us in person, check out our web store at

In addition to T’s we’re gonna have posters, original art, and a few other surprises.

But mostly we thank you for the support you’ve already given us over the years. We couldn’t do any of the things we do without the support of our entire extended Kinfolk family. There’s a lot more to come, and we look forward to sharing it with all of you.”

Solid guys! Do not miss this opening. It’ll be an awesome time.