Kinfolk: International Bike


Kinfolk: International Bike

Tracko had the scoop on Kinfolk‘s new project with Coat, Brooks and Kara Ginther. He also had a much nicer image than the original Wallpaper* article. That being said, here’s the PR from Wallpaper*:

Despite the perils of potholes and truckers’ blind spots, team Wallpaper* are committed urban cyclists. So committed that we commissioned a bike that could be broken down, packed in a bespoke bag and loaded on a plane, with no excess baggage charge, and taken with us wherever we went. The project pulled in a wide range of craftsmen collaborators from the US, UK and Japan — frame builders, designers, paint specialists, saddle makers, leather carvers and bag and luggage makers — to ensure that every element of the bike was as beautifully put together as it could be.

Not a bad looking project. I’d build it up proper, that’s for sure.