Kinfolk: Boots


Kinfolk: Boots


I could paraphrase this post but John from Kinfolk hit the nail on the head:

“Its been a little over a year since I started to ride this set up. I haven`t changed a thing (although I do eventually want to change out the seat post). It still rides like it should and (as you can see) has all the leather parts worn in nicely. I am a firm believer in using whatever it is you own and the more you use, it inevitably becomes an extension of you. A friend recently told me that a grandparent of theirs had owned and still wore the same pair of leather boots for over 40 years, and this was a common way of thinking not less than a half century ago. We as consumers need to think less about so easily throwing away that which we needn`t have bought in the first place and more about holding onto that which we eventually, will hold dear.”

I wish I was a little more conscientious of this. Check out more photos at the Kinfolk blog.