Keeping Cool in Texas with the Rapha Lightweight Jersey


Keeping Cool in Texas with the Rapha Lightweight Jersey


I usually don’t like to do the whole “look what I got in the mail” post but this one’s an exception. Since moving to Austin, I’ve been struggling with my kits and jerseys. It’s hard to get out early some mornings and by noon, it’s already over 100 degrees with 100% dewpoint. Since riding with Jon, I’ve always picked on him for wearing the same jersey every time we’re out. His defense is “it’s the only jersey that’s light enough for this heat” and after using my Rapha Lightweight jerseys for a few days, I’ll attest to that.

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One of the nicest things about it is how quick-drying it is. I ride early in the mornings so I come home, wash it in the shower and hang it out to dry on the porch. Within minutes, it’s bone dry. There are also multiple pockets, including zippered compartments for keys and your cell phone. It’s sleek, fits well and best of all, no gaudy branding.


Without making this look like an advertisement, I will say that these jerseys kick ass for the summer heat and I wanna thank the guys at Rapha for hooking it up. I’m not the kind of person who goes fan boy over cycling wear but the Lightweight Jersey is a staple for those who deal with year-round heat.