Jun’s Eddy Merckx Telekom SLX with Ornately Engraved Campagnolo

Today is Labor Day in the US, so we’re taking the day easy, and catching up on life’s demands but we wanted to share this bike on Monday, because, you know, it’s Merckx Mondays. When I was at the Cub House a few weeks back, I met Jun, who was out on a ride with this bike. As you can imagine, this bike has quite the story…

In 1992, Jun was stationed in Holland with the Air Force. He brought his aluminum race bike with him and one day, a local offered to buy the bike since there weren’t a lot of lightweight aluminum racebikes in Holland at the time. Jun obliged, and set his sights on an Eddy Merckx. He ordered one through a local shop, who referred him directly to the Eddy Merckx Factory in Meise, just outside of Brussels.

The time came when his bike was ready and Jun traveled to Meise to claim the bike. As he arrived in the Eddy Merckx factory, low and behold the cannibal himself was there with this very frame in his hands. Jun was ecstatic and has had the bike in his possession ever since.

A few years back, Jun sent this Campagnolo group to Precision Engraving in Dallas, Texas, where they ornately embellished the parts with an engraver.

The coolest thing about this bike is that while some people would hang it up and never ride the bike, Jun takes it out every week to ride in the hills and mountains of Los Angeles. We haven’t done a Merckx Mondays post in a long, long time, but this one was too good to pass up!