J’s Black Magic Bearclaw Bicycle Co Thunderhawk Gravel Bike

Jacinta, aka J, was on the hunt for a new bicycle. She had some money set aside and began looking at the options out there. There was always the option for custom, but J eventually grew a liking for Bearclaw Bicycle Co’s offerings. The Thunderhawk checked all the boxes but she wanted to make it her own. Enter the wizards at Black Magic Paint

Even though not a drop of paint touched this bike – it’s a mix of anodizing and Cerakote – Black Magic really made this Thunderhawk sing!

J wanted a treeline forest and a starry sky to emblaze the top tube of this titanium gravel bike. Bearclaw’s oversized tubing allows for plenty of space to experiment with finishes. Rudi and the team at Black Magic got to work with the designs on the bike. From beautiful anodizing of the Bearclaw logo to the starry sky above the jagged tree line, down to some shooting stars!

As for the build, J selected Industry Nine wheels for their performance, durability, and minimalist aesthetic, SRAM Force 11, e-Thirteen, and Wolftooth round out the component selection. The icing on the cake is the Swift Industries Paloma handlebar bag, which easily removed bag thanks to the Rixen and Kaul Klickfix Adapter.

The Thunderhawk has a lot of versatility built-in, thanks in part to its Ramhorn fork with cargo cage accessibility and plenty of clearance for mud or bigger tires. Personally, I’m really stoked on how this dream bike came out! Thanks for letting me shoot it, J!