Jon Vermilyea at 350 Broadway this Thursday


Jon Vermilyea at 350 Broadway this Thursday


I’m going to this show before Peel Sessions this week. Should be a great turnout. I’ve always loved the Goblin line of clothing that Mishka‘s produced over the years. Jon Vermilyea’s work is amazing.

Check out the full flier and press release below.


On January 28th, Mishka is pleased to feature the works of Jon Vermilyea, the latest installment of Mishka’s revolving artshows at 350 Broadway. Vermilyea, best known for his works in VICE, Fantagraphics and various other publications will be showcasing a collection of his most recent works for Mishka’s Goblin line.

Goblin was inspired by a love for obscurities within pop culture, toys and horror cinema. Greg Rivera – co-owner of Mishka – provided references and art direction for Vermilyea that essentially steered Goblin in its current direction. For Vermilyea, this allowed him the freedom to create graphics that are almost iconic. Vermilyea cites references ranging from 70’s monster stickers, Madballs, Slurpee cup graphics, and b-movie creatures as inspiration for the line. His brightly colored, iconoclastic characters often border on being menacing and cute which are meant to recall his childhood memories of staying up late to watch horror movies or his maligned interest in offensive and creepy toy and cartoon characters.

The print show is a selection of Vermilyea’s favorite graphics from the Mishka line. Each graphic is hand printed on Rives BFK paper in a small edition of 10.

Jon Vermilyea studied cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. After graduating he worked as Production Manager at PictureBox Inc. for 3 years, producing over 25 art books. Jon currently works as a freelance artist doing illustration for print and apparel, book production, comics, animation and silk-screen editions.

Jon is a regular contributor to the Fantagraphics anthology MOME and has been featured in publications such as The Ganzfeld, Beasts! Book 2,Vice Magazine, and Illustrators 51 Annual. Jon has done over 30 t-shirt graphics for Mishka including the entire line of Goblin shirts. He also animated the music video for the new song My Girls by Animal Collective.

Recent projects include the show poster and a line of t-shirts for Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, a 5 color silk screen book based on the Mars Attacks cards of the 1960’s by Koyama Press, a 4 page story in the The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #15 comic by Bongo, design for the Animal Collective Animal Crack Box, and production for the Michel Gondry comic ‘We Lost The War But Not The Battle’.