Join Bikepacking Roots in Moving the BOLT Act Along


Join Bikepacking Roots in Moving the BOLT Act Along

Bikepacking Roots is spearheading a campaign to bring awareness of the BOLT Act so read below to see how you can help out!

What is the BOLT Act?

The “Bicycles on Long-distance Trails” Act is federal legislation that would identify existing and new long-distance bike trails on federally managed lands. If passed, it could support existing long-distance bike trails, the completion of trails in-progress, and the restoration of trails in disrepair.

What’s happening with the Act?

The BOLT Act is in committee in both the House and Senate. Hearings have been held, and it should be moving to the whole chamber shortly. Now is the time for lawmakers to hear from us!

How has Bikepacking Roots been involved?

We’ve been working with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) to help Congressional Committee Staff refine the act’s language. We recommended refining the language promote dirt-oriented, off-road bikepacking by defining “long-distance trails” as:

– Primarily dirt/natural surface (short connectors on paved roads are okay)
– Generally 80+ miles in length on federally managed lands
– Composed of consistent types of trail (i.e., primarily singletrack, or primarily 4×4 roads)
– May be used for mountain biking and/or bikepacking (multi-day trips)

Bikepacking Roots has also submitted testimony to the House Committee on Natural Resources to voice support on behalf of bikepackers.

How can you support the BOLT Act?

– Call or write your members of Congress and share your support for the BOLT Act. You can find your members and tips for making your call or letter especially effective in BPR’s Advocacy Toolbox for Bikepackers
– You can also submit a comment through the ACA’s Action Network. Be sure to customize the text to reflect your experience, values and voice.
– Finally, encourage your fellow bikepackers to do the same!