Jet Fuel: Kosuke Masuda’s Custom Aethos

Today we’re honored to feature the latest from Japanese artist Kosuke Masuda for Specialized. Read below to see his latest work…

Can human and machine become one?

The perfect ride is often defined as one where you feel one with your bicycle, when human and machine become so closely intertwined. Specialized threw out the rule books of bicycle design and chased the greatest expression of ride quality ever made.

With this in mind, the “AETHOS” was born.

The AETHOS was built In Pursuit of the Perfect Ride. With a desire to explore possibilities still unknown, Specialized asked Japanese artist Kosuke Masuda to create a work that explores the depths of cycling inspiration that brought to life the Aethos.

The name of the artist is KOSUKE MASUDA.

He is a Buddhist priest and an artist. Together with his wife, Kei Hompo, an artist who works mainly with photography and film with an emphasis on dialogue, he attempts to reflect deeply on and capture various aspects of the ideas and relationships between himself and others.

Kei Hompo visually expressed his thought and stories behind the creation of his work through this documentary.