JAN Frameset


JAN Frameset


Kyoichi just built up his JAN frameset for doing tricks. I always love reading his posts because he makes them in both Japanese and English. Check out his words below:

changed my jan frame setup for doing tricks. everyone who got the jan frame had been saying that it’s so good for wheelies. but i was pretty skeptical on that, and just thought that it was some kind of mental thing, people just getting hyped up because they got a new bike. but it really is easy to do wheelies on it. i’m really surprised, it has a large sweetspot. it has a much quicker response than the surly, which is kinda scary but really fun to ride. it also gives you a position a bit higher off the ground than the surly. overall, it makes you feel like your on a real bike. compared to my surly which, i don’t know what that is now with all the conversions i made on it…

Just don’t do any bunnyhop 180’s on that fork man!