J.P. Weigle: Double Take on a Double Plate


J.P. Weigle: Double Take on a Double Plate


Call me a bike geek but I love reading stuff like this:

We had a bunch of cool, mostly French bikes at our mini open house yesterday..
Scott brought his 1938 Urago frame and fork, …we put it up on a display stand.

Late in the afternoon I was walking by it with the guys when I spun around and said,,, I can’t believe it,,, and went over to my bench and picked up the “controversial” GB twin plate I did on Friday…
The treatment to the crowns was quite similar…. and this one has been around since 1938.

John Fletcher was the original owner of this bike, he bought it new in 1938.
Scott said John put mega miles on the bike each year and the bike even had a front end crash years ago… the forks survived just fine…

One needs to be careful when modifying a frame part, but a good builder with a good eye and torch skills can move things around a little and have it work well.

via J.P. Weigle’s Flickr.