Introducing the Speedvagen Integrated Cross Stem Collaboration with ENVE

If you follow @thevanillaworkshop on Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen this project unfolding. Over the years, Speedvagen has been working with ENVE on their Integrated Cross Stem. This stem’s unique integrated front brake routing replaces the traditional cable hanger and the associated flex, weight, chatter and unsightly lines that come with it. Personally, I kinda liked my Funky Monkey but I’ll go with the Speedvagen mantra on this one: “Take away everything that isn’t essential and refine what’s left”.

I just installed the CX Worlds 2013 Commemorative stem on my already dialed Geekhouse Mudville and it instantly feels more patriotic. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the CX Worlds but at least I can ride the shit out of this stem. Although, I will be missing the bourbon!

Pick up one of the CX Worlds 2013 Commemorative Speedvagen Integrated Cross stems here and the standard Integrated Cross Stem here.

Check out the technical info below and more shots in the Gallery.

● Eliminates the weight of the cable hanger and 8” of additional housing for a combined
weight savings of 51g
● Significantly decreases cable flex and in turn adds power to braking
● Offers the lowest possible stack height for shorter riders
● The more direct braking line means less cable/housing friction
● Helps calm brake chatter
● The gradual radius of the stainless internal routing offers less cable friction and lighter
braking action

Titanium hardware, cold forged alloy faceplate, molded-in threads and stainless internal routing.
• Weight: 133g (110mm)
• Length: 90, 100, 110, 120mm
• Rise: 6º
• Clamp: 31.8
• Stack: 41mm
• Price: $550

About this special limited edition stem:
Since 1950 the UCI Cyclocross World Championships has been held in, and completely
dominated by Europeans, most notably the French and Belgians. 2013 marks the first year ‘Cross
Worlds comes to the USA and heralds beginning of a more active American presence in and
around this beautifully painful sport.

The Vanilla Workshop is celebrating this inaugural event with a special limited edition version of
our Speedvagen Integrated cross stem. Painted in the Vanilla “stars” and stripes by Coat Paint
Shop. Only 13 of these stems will be produced. Pre-order your size in black or white.

Available at: The Vanilla Workshop Store

See more photos at the Speedbloggen