Introducing the DZR & Prolly is Not Probably Sneaker


Introducing the DZR & Prolly is Not Probably Sneaker


Seems like 2011 is the year of the non-disclosure agreement. I’m working on a
ton of projects that are on the hush hush and I’m pretty excited about this Colab with DZR Shoes. The “Prolly” will be an all black low top SPD sneaker. It’s also gonna be all Vegan with my new track-end P logo in reflective material on the upper. I wanted to raise the heel a bit to make the cup deeper to make them comfortable for even fixed freestyle riding and use a new material on the shoe. One that will be durable and still look great. Of course the sneaker will be all black, with only one reflective accent serving the only branding visible. The inside of the sneaker will be purple faux-leather and the bottom will be a black gumsole.

More to come on these, still finishing up design details before they go into production. They will be available in a few months here and through DZR with samples already being manufactured. Don’t fret, there will be a full run available. No more “limited to 10” models. This is an entirely new model from DZR and was designed by me for DZR!

Now I wonder if Tracko would wear a pair?