Introducing Firefly Bicycles


Introducing Firefly Bicycles


Tyler Evans from the “old” IF shot me this press release announcing the birth of Firefly Bicycles and all I can say is that I’m stoked for him and Jamie for building their dream company out of the shift in ownership of IF. Check out the press release:

“Tyler Evans and Jamie Medeiros Declare Independence, Launch New Handmade Bike Company.

Boston,MA– February 16, 2011 — Firefly Bicycles is now crafting custom bicycle frames out of their 2000 square-foot shop in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s founders, Tyler Evans and Jamie Medeiros, have designed, built and fit high-end Ti, steel, stainless steel and carbon frames for a combined 30-plus years at some of the world’s most revered names in handmade frames.

“We’re taking everything that was great about where we came from, where we’ve been, our history together, our deep roots in the international cycling community, our collective skills, and we’re using that as a starting point,” indicated Jamie Medeiros, Firefly Bicycles’ Director of R&D. “The fundamentals of making great bike frames haven’t changed dramatically, but there is so much room for improvement in attention to detail, dialing in ride quality, finish quality, customer service and making bikes that are truly unique to each rider.”

Firefly Bicycles‘ press release is continued below.

“From a really simple standpoint, we can and will make some of the world’s most impeccably designed and carefully built bikes, for both recreational and competitive use,” said Tyler Evans, Firefly’s Lead. “We’ve brought in Kevin Wolfson, an incredible frame designer and super cyclist. We’re taking nothing for granted. The high-end, handmade bike customer has seriously high expectations, as they should. The handmade industry’s craft and quality have never been better and there are a number of great builders out there. I’m confident we will raise the bar. We wouldn’t be doing this for any other reason.”

“Careful control of the bike purchasing and building experience is a foundation of our approach. We will be choosing only a handful of dealers around the globe; the best in the business. The majority of our customers, however, will be working with Firefly directly,” said Evans. “There’s no more intimate way for our customers to get a perfectly dialed-in, complete bike.”

Firefly has launched with two custom, TIG welded, hand-built bike options–the Firefly Road and Firefly Cross–in either Columbus XCr stainless steel or 3/2.5 titanium tubing, multiple frame options such as Di2 internal routing, horizontal dropouts, S&S couplers, internal 44mm headset, PressFit 30 bottom bracket, fender mounts, and nearly unlimited build kit options that range from high-end to “dream” builds. Learn more and keep up with the good news at Firefly Bicycles.”

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