Introducing Fairdale Bicycles


Introducing Fairdale Bicycles


Taj Mihelich (if you don’t know…) has launched his own company under the Odyssey family called Fairdale Bicycles. There are many models in the works but this is the first from the builders. To give us a little introduction on Fairdale’s intent as a brand, Taj breaks it down:

Fairdale is the brand for all my friends who ask me what kind of bike they should get just for riding around town. In the past, I always struggled to find a good answer for them. So many bikes are too focused on racing, extremeness, trends, are dorky looking or just bogged down with too much flakey technology. On the other hand, BMX, with its simple functionality, has taught me that the technology of a bike rarely increases the fun of riding it.

Sounds rad man. I can get down with that. Read up on Fairdale Bicycles here and thanks to Adam 22 of the Come Up for the heads.