Interbike 2011: Phil Wood


Interbike 2011: Phil Wood




Everyone wanted to know why I didn’t post the “Phil Wood track cranks” a few weeks back. My answer to them was that I already covered them in my 2011 NAHBS coverage and they aren’t track cranks. At least the ones they currently have aren’t. Bilenky included some single speed cranks on their Horton collection NAHBS bike. These cranks had a road q-factor, which were intended to clear a chain guard. While Phil Wood is currently developing a proper 144 bcd track crank, there’s no finite date on when they intend to launch it. Now enough of the track talk, one of the other items Phil Wood displayed was their Campy cassette for their road hubs. Simply unthread the Shimano splines and replace it with this elegant beauty. Neat huh?

Also, on a side note, I wanna thank Phil Wood for the killer road wheelset they sold me. It’ll look sick on my Eddy Merckx MX-L! More on that later.