Initial Reaction: DVS Cycling – Cinelli Luster


Initial Reaction: DVS Cycling – Cinelli Luster


I know I’m a little late to the game here with the photos of the DVS Cycling Cinelli Lusters. They showed up at my door the day I was leaving for Pittsburgh and I knew I wouldn’t have time to shoot photos of them before I left so they sat in my office for a week. As soon as I got home, I laced them up and have been spending the whole day riding and wearing them around the house.

Now I’m not usually a fan of colored shoes but the DVS Cycling Cinelli Lusters are wicked smooth and I just don’t want to take them off!

Check out more from my Initial Reaction to the DVS Cycling Cinelli Luster sneakers below!


Right out of the box, I was amazed at the quality and craft of the shoes. The attention to detail is top notch.


The blue and grey colorway just pops without being obnoxious.


And little details like this made me smile.


They really are nicely done.


And they’re perfect for fixed freestyle straps like Hold Fast FRS or clips and straps. Well done guys. Hats off to DVS and Cinelli for one stellar collaboration! Check out a few more photos on my Flickr.