The Radavist National Forest Sign Socks


The Radavist National Forest Sign Socks





Ok, so our shipping department mis-counted socks, so we have some small and mediums left. No promises on how long they’ll last, but I thought I’d put them in stock… Scoop up a pair below! Also, all orders have shipped, so you should see them soon!

We love our Angeles National Forest here in LA and the sign leading up to the Angeles Crest along Highway 2 has become an icon for road and MTB rides. These socks were inspired from the simple color palette found across the nation in National Forests, resulting in a split tone sock with minimal branding. The colors are “natural” and “brown”, with the Radavist script on the underside of the foot. Made by DeFeet in North Carolina from their AirEater double cuff model, these socks will last through the seasons and provide the compression and comfort you’ve come to expect from the brand.

In stock now for $16 plus shipping ($5 Domestic and $12 International.) Before you ask, we cannot combine your order with the fleeces we posted earlier in the week. A completely different fulfillment center is shipping these orders. We wanted to launch these items separately to give everyone a chance to purchase. Again, thanks for the support!