ILE Inside Line Equipment: The Ultimate Photographers Bag


ILE Inside Line Equipment: The Ultimate Photographers Bag


When I posted about needing a good, waterproof DSLR backpack, I got a few emails from bigger companies plugging their products but the email that caught my attention was from Eric at ILE. We shared some thoughts over email and I sketched out my ideas on a post-it note.


This quick, 2-minute sketch was what I sent him and the bag above is the end-product. It took him all month to finely tune in the design but the final result is amazing! ILE really did a stellar job on this one.

Check out more exclusive, high-res photos below of the Inside Line Equipment Ultimate Photographers Bag!


My idea was simple. I sent Eric this email:

“I’ve got a bag now that holds my separate camera bags and works ok but I’m looking for a bag that has a split compartment. The bottom compartment is accessed by a front, zippered flap and is well padded and secured.”


“The top compartment is entirely its own pocket and is meant to hold everyday items and tools. All with a roll-top access. My reasoning is that I hate having to open the top to access my camera and if I laid the bag on its back and accessed the camera area from the front (see sketch), it’d be so much easier.”


“I also like the idea of having a rigid bottom and back – with a plastic “sweat guard” sheet between the padding and the compartment. I sweat a lot in the summer and it’d be nice to have a vapor barrier of some sort.”


After not hearing anything from Eric for a while, I was so stoked to come home to these photos from him and the ILE team. Wanna find out more about the Inside Line Equipment The Ultimate Photographers Bag? Head over to ILE now! I’ll be toting one around in a few weeks and will let you guys know what I think. Personally, I’m stoked that a small, made in the USA company took on this challenge and knocked it out of the park!

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