Icarus Frames: Viking MAX Track Bike


Icarus Frames: Viking MAX Track Bike


With Icarus getting bitten off left and right, I’m taking drastic measures to protect the detailing of my Viking MAX track bike. As Ian said just now, “I’ll just keep doing things that no one else has done. It gets tiring”. Lemme tell you, I’ve never seen work like this. Ever. We both spent hours combing forums and photo databases looking for someone who’s done this particular detail to no avail.

Stoked! Once the fork is done and the frame’s finished, it’s heading off to paint. I hate, hate, hate figuring out paint schemes. Does anyone have any initial thoughts? I want to incorporate chevrons like the Merckx team bikes but I’m at a loss. Maybe I’ll source it to you guys to decide? How would you feel about a contest to design the paint scheme? Any interest?