I Love My Bike Book


I Love My Bike Book


Matthew emailed me a few weeks ago to introduce a project he and Brittain were working on. They wanted to travel around the country, documenting cyclists with their bikes and put all of the photos in a book. Seems ambitious right? They’re based in Boston and for the next few weeks the two photographers be traveling all over the United States setting up meetings with cyclists to document their bike and why they love it. The project’s name is called the “I Love My Bike Book”. More information below.

Photo by Finkle and Brittain

They were looking for people to include on the West Coast, so I told them to hit up the kids holding it down over at Zlog, Tracko, TOLA, Locked Cog and Pedal Consumption. Stoked to see how this all turns out.

They end their journey at the NAHBS in Richmond, VA. I’ll be there, and I suggest you guys come too! Phil and Mike from Richmond Fixed are planning an event and it’s gonna be a good time.

They even got Chris Piascik to do their artwork! I’m meeting with them on Friday. Which bike will I bring?

If you’re interested in being a part of the project, email them and join the “I Love My Bike Book” Facebook group too!