Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s Splash Bivy Weighs 5.5 oz


Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s Splash Bivy Weighs 5.5 oz

Weighing in at 5.5 oz for the regular and a scant 6.29 oz for the long, the all-new Hyperlite Mountain Gear Splash Bivy is a minimal bivy, perfect for summer bike camping and lightweight sub-24-hour overnighter trips…

Developed for solo ultralight travelers who value light kits, the Splash Bivy supplements sleep systems with basic coverage that can be used on its own on dry nights or paired with an 8 x 10 Flat Tarp or Mid 1 Tarp in wet conditions. These setups are great if you’re in a wooded area with trees and don’t mind spending extra time rigging it up.

We’ve rigged similar bivys in the desert by guy-linking your bike and then rigging the bivy’s head guy line off the bike… Or if you have wide bars, you can usually guy line the bivy off the handlebars with the bike on its side.

Slide your sleep system into the Splash Bivy for an extra barrier of protection in wet or buggy conditions. When paired with a tarp, the tall bathtub floor walls help keep you drier and protected from rain, or use it on its own on clear nights.


  • Regular 5.55 oz / Long 6.29 oz
  • Bathtub floor with 9″ tall side walls made with DCF8
  • NoSeeUm mesh for maximum bug protection and airflow
  • Designed for use with the 8.5′ x 8.5′ or 8 x 10 Flat Tarp, or Mid 1 Tarp
  • 7D DWR micro ripstop nylon exterior shell
  • Fits wherever you do


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