Hungry? Ride Food: A Series

What is it that separates a Pro from a No? Is their genetic makeup a simple roll of the base pair dice? Or perhaps it’s a dogged commitment to training that sets them apart from the rest of us? Clearly the science is still out which but maybe Science isn’t looking in the right place. Could it be that is their dietary habits, specifically what they eat on a ride that cuts the wheat from the chaff, metaphorically speaking, we see you gluten-free fam. Filmmaker and a snack investigator Sim Smith has set out on a journey to expose these pro ride snack secrets. Why and how he gets these Toppest of Tier athletes to share their most coveted secrets we will likely never know but what’s important is that they do!  Take some time to digest this critical information and apply these lessons to your next bike picnic. Trust me you and your G.I. tract will not be disappointed.

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