Hufnagel Cycles: Porteur City Bike Project


Hufnagel Cycles: Porteur City Bike Project



It’s always inspirational to see someone like Jordan Hufnagel put his all into a project. Recently, he completed two prototype porteur bikes which are the end result of extensive testing and tinkering. These bicycles represent the future of Hufnagel Cycles: machines paired for everyday, city use and yet fit for weekend excursions. This straight-forward design is as timeless as it is functional. The amount of precision fabrication and unique detailing found on these bikes is beyond impressive.

Check out more below!

Check out the incredible detailing above and then read Jordan’s words, describing the project below:

“I’ve been working my buns off this last year doing my best to make awesome happen. The results of which have been some rad bikes, amazing camping trips, and hand made bicycle components.

These experiences are culminating in the production of the Hufnagel Porteur/City bike, in a limited run now available for order.

Over the last year I have been refining and testing this design, resulting in my ultimate bike. It’s a total blast to ride, easily handling daily utility and fun adventures.

The bike features a custom fitted hand built frame, fork, stem and rack. All designed to have a clean look and intuitive function. No unused braze ons hanging around and no superfluous parts.

It is kitted out with the finest components for the job. Many of these parts are american made, some even made in house. Most importantly, they are made by people that care and are passionate about what they do.”

If you’re interested in one of these bicycles, feel free to call or email Jordan: