Hoot Ventures’ New Website is up!


Hoot Ventures’ New Website is up!

Brian and Alicia were two of the first people I connected with when I was visiting Minneapolis a few years ago.  I was lucky enough to visit their house last summer for the piece on Delcie’s bike and Brian joined us for DFL shenanigans and even had some photos featured.  It’s been awesome watching them grow as creators.  Recently Brian decided to go full time with Hoot Ventures and redesigned their website and store.  Initially, they are offering their munchie bag in three colors, but expect more wonderful things from them in the future.

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  It’s been a long time coming y’all. I’ve been waiting for this day for three years now. It feels so good to be a manufacturer of USA made goods. We make everything by hand and also try to do our best to use USA made materials. On top of that, we are making a product that will help more people to see their bike as a useful mode of transportation. ⁣”

check out their new bags and website at Hoot Ventures.