Hold Fast: April Strap of the Month


Hold Fast: April Strap of the Month

I am way into this colorway and material choice for Hold Fast’s Strap of the Month. But I’m even more excited about that “Patent Pending” on the hang tag. I’ve supported this company since before there was a name for it, developed these straps with Jeremiah and I will always support them. Other websites took money for knock-offs and then came back to them. I’ve yet to earn a penny from this product, yet remain true. Stay true, HOLD FAST.

“Wanted to shed some light on our latest strap of the month, the Reflective Grey & Pink strap is the first in our new HighLighter Series and we are really pleased with how they came out. Check them out and pick them up here! Do it soon because like all our straps of the month, supplies are limited and once they’re gone…”

Pick these up HERE and support Made in the USA products that were born on the street, not from someone seeing them on the internet and ripping off the design.