Hit and Run in Williamsburg


Hit and Run in Williamsburg


I usually don’t like posting hit and runs or other accidents because there are just so many of them and it gets really depressing to read them all the time but this story just pisses me off:

“My friend Serena was riding her bike in Williamsburg and was struck at the intersection of South4th and Wythe around 2:26 pm (Friday February 4th, 2011). She was struck by a motorist who, instead of stopping to see if she was okay, fled the scene and left her for dead. We were informed at around 8PM of her condition.

She currently has a punctured lung, broken pelvis, among several other severe injuries and is in the ICU at Bellevue Hospital. She is currently unconscious under heavy sedation.

Please, please reblog/RT if you can. We are looking for witnesses, passers-by, who have any information about the car or the driver, who may have seen the accident. If you have any information, please contact agblakemore@gmail.com—your anonymity will be protected if that is your preference.

Here’s what Serena looks like/what her bike looks like:”

Check out more at Jess Versus’ Tumblr.