Help Support the WTF Bikexplorers


Help Support the WTF Bikexplorers

Our friends at the WTF Bikexplorers are holding a fundraiser to help kick off their 2019:

“WTF Bikexplorers is building a movement for more gender inclusivity within bicycle adventure travel by facilitating spaces to connect and grow our community. We are 100% Women, Transgender, Femme, Non-Binary and Genderqueer gravel grinders, mountain bikers, bikepackers, day-ride explorers, long-distance road riders, bicycle tourers, backpackers converting to bikepacking, and individuals looking to incorporate camping with biking.

We are seeking support from our allies within the cycling and adventure travel industry to help make our 2019 Summit a resounding success. Specifically, we are raising $20,000 to ensure that we can lower the ticket cost for WTF Bikexplorers in your community. While the amount may seem significant, we know first hand the impact that can be made when we work together!

If our mission is the future you also want to see it realized, we invite you to please consider making a donation. The WTF Bikexplorers are grateful for whatever level of support you can offer  – no donation is too small to make a difference! For donations of $500 or greater, we will include your business name, link on our website, and a shout out on social media (Instagram and Facebook). You will also receive a “We Support WTF Bikexplorers” decal for your business.”

Donations are kindly requested by April 1st.

Here is a link to their donation page