Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2022 Part 01

This year brought about the return of the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia and we had our mate Andy White from FYXO on the ground documenting some of Australia’s finest handmade bikes. Part 01 of our coverage showcases the opening night of the 2022 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia so check out Andy’s wonderful photos below!

What a whirlwind weekend of wonderful bikes.

Seaworks was full to the brim with bicycle builders, brands, parts, accessories, and apparel to visibly froth over.

For Australia, and Melbourne in particular, the challenges of COVID-related restrictions and access to components and materials was a stressful period.  It was thrilling to see a room full of bicycles, familiar faces, and many new, all excited to present what they’ve produced over the last year.

Opening night is all about the conversations – a family reunion for exhibitors to catch up and discuss the challenges and events, and for the public to engage in casual and intimate space while the drinks flowed.

Thousands of custom bicycle fans flowed through the venue over the weekend, and it was great to hear that first-timers can’t wait to return to the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia in 2023.