H Plus Son Eero in Stock


H Plus Son Eero in Stock

Just got word in that the H+Son Eero trick rim is now in stock. It’s not on their webstore, but you can order from them. Here’s the information:

Either in Black 32h or black 36h. Each rim is 70 USD. Shipping is 30 USD per rim to the USA and 50 USD for a pair of rims to the USA.

You should also be able to order their wheels at your LBS through Handspun / QBP.

The specs for the wheels are below.

-H+Son SL42 rim (Black)
-All-City fixed track hub (Black)
-DT Competition spokes (Yes, in black)
-100% hand-built to perfection
-MSRP: $195 (Front), $200 (Rear)
-Available now through your local dealer

Good looks guys and thanks to Sean for the heads up!