Guest Review: Serena and Her Burro x Duval Destroyer Messenger Bag


Guest Review: Serena and Her Burro x Duval Destroyer Messenger Bag


I get offers from companies to review products all the time and most of which have little or no application to my cycling habits. What I realized in the past few months is that rather than turn away products, I could help out both the companies and friends of mine by offering Guest Reviews. This not only opens the blog up to another voice, but doing so offers an outside perspective from a different consumer base.

Case in point: The Burro X Duval Destroyer Limited Edition Medium Messenger Bag.

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The Burro guys gave me one of these rad messenger bags at the NAHBS and I couldn’t for the life of me offer a review for something that I couldn’t use (I don’t like messenger bags). So I hit up my friend Serena to offer up an exchange: free bag for a product review and here’s what she had to say.


“I have been riding with my chrome bag for over 4 years now, and I had a very good relationship with that bag. I thought I would never stray until John introduced me to my Burro bag, and suddenly everything changed. I was immediately smitten with the interlocked sugar skulls painted on the flap with reflective paint.”


“It is stylish and practical, every cyclists dream. When I first put the bag on, it felt like a hug.”


“And not the awkward kind with the guy who is really just trying to get a better feel for my anatomy, it was like hugging an old friend.”


“The adjustable ‘oh-shit’ strap finally solved the problem of tiny girl with big boobs, and the wide padding on the shoulder strap has done wonders to ease back pains from hauling around too much stuff in the never-ending struggle to be prepared for anything.”


“The medium is that magical size that always seems to have plenty of room for all my odds and ends, without feeling like it is swallowing me when it isn’t completely full (which, standing at an impressive 5′ 3 1/4″, has been a part of the reason I was so dedicated to my small chrome messenger bag).”


“The 3 smaller compartments are perfect for storing my tools and spare tubes, keeping my books safe from the wear of bouncing around in a bag all day, and other assorted smaller items that might not fair so well if left to fend for themselves in the main compartment.”


“There are 2 even smaller compartments on the outside of the bag that are great for all those things that are prone to disappearing into the abbeys of a poorly organized bike bag, including one that can be sealed completely with velcro that keeps all my valuables (ID, credit card, cash, chapstick, dice, etc) safe and sound.”


“The shoulder strap is adjustable and buckles on both sides which allows you to wear the bag over either shoulder. Durable material and cyclist driven design make this bag as utilitarian as it gets, and the icing on the cake?”


“This company is run by a handful of kids who started out trying to make a bag that would stand up to the test of their daily commute. Who doesn’t love a good story of cycling entrepreneurship?”


I wanna thank Serena for such a thorough review of this bag. For more photos, head over to my Flickr and here are more details on the bag.


Burro X Duval Destroyer Limited Edition Medium Messenger Bag
Standard features.
-Removable, padded strap is swappable between right and left slung.
-Interior of the bag is vinyl, rather than the standard billboard.
-Selling price is $159
-These will be up on the Burro site shortly so sit tight.
-Or you can email Jack at Burro to place an order.