Grinduro 2019: Patrick’s Ultradynamico Rosé OPEN UP Gravel Race Bike

With yesterday’s post, we looked at the Ultradynamico Rosé and prototype Cava tires on Benedict’s Crust Lightning Bolt randoneé bike and today, we’re looking at Patrick, the other half of the fledgling tire company’s bike, an OPEN UP.

Jokingly, Patrick commented that “this bike is the faster, lighter, racier version of Bené’s grandpa bike.” Whereas Bené relied on vintage componentry, steel, bar width, and tires for frame comfort, Patrick’s OPEN relies on electronic shifting, carbon, and tires. Which is ultimately faster? Well, subjective definition aside, it’s honestly hard to tell.

For a race like Grinduro, where I’m currently on-assignment, time will tell.

As for this build, it features a Black Magic Paint job, with frame design by Central Office, SRAM Red AXS, White industries hubs, and a trusty Flite, re-finished in a light grey leather to complement the Rosé tire’s tread.

I’d wager that both bikes are similar in weight both physically and visually. Which would you rather ride on a 50 mile, 8,000′ course?