Good Wood NYC: Viking Medallion


Good Wood NYC: Viking Medallion


I get fan mail from time to time. Sometimes it’s a crazy illustration, or a photo but every once and a while, something like this comes into the Norseland that blows everything else out of the water. Good Wood NYC makes wooden jewelry. From stock pieces to custom orders, their laser-cut wooden medallions have been getting quite the press coverage as of late. When I got a package from them you can imagine my excitement to find this bad-boy in the box.

Check out more photos below.


What. the. fuck.


It bears the Good Wood name!


A custom Viking Medallion! So dope. It was a complete surprise and I am blown away. This thing is getting hung up on the wall. Maybe I’ll do a photo shoot with it some day. So stoked! Thanks to the crew at Good Wood NYC for dropping this on me! What a pleasant surprise on a Monday afternoon. Maybe it’ll end up in the Custom Archives at some point!

Check out more photos of this crazy thing at my Flickr.