Get a BMX: Sunday Model C


Get a BMX: Sunday Model C

After enduring years of that line, I made a small step to that direction yesterday. Ever since Jim told me about the Sunday Model C and its Plus 4 geometry, I was seriously considering buying one. The main reason being that I have such a long inseam and long arms that any BMX, regardless of top tube length, felt really small. That extra inch in top tube on the Model C enables me to throw it around a lot easier. Sure, I know what you’re thinking “24’s aren’t BMXs, they’re cruisers”. Not the case here. The Sunday team worked hard to make the Model C ride just like their 20″ BMX bikes. With a 74.5 HTA and only minor tweakings to accommodate the 24″ wheels, the Model C rides just like their other, smaller BMXs. If you need further explanation, there’s a video of Jim bike-checking one below.

Read on for more of my thoughts on the Model C.

When I first hopped on it yesterday, I immediately thought one thing: the head tube angle makes it ride like my bruiser. I already felt the pivot point and could 180 it after a few tries, something I’ve never felt comfortable doing on a freewheel bike. I rode it around the city yesterday and it was a lot of fun, minus scaling the bridge.

Now I’m not saying I’m done with fixed. For me, this is just another bike to ride and one that offers a different feeling and challenge. So I wanna thank the guys at Sunday for hooking me up with a new love. Now if I could just transfer all my tricks over, that’d be great!