Geoff McFetridge for Golden Saddle Cyclery


Geoff McFetridge for Golden Saddle Cyclery


If you haven’t heard by now, you should know that Kyle Kelley, aka Juvi-Kyle, aka Tracko has opened a shop in Silverlake, Los Angeles called the Golden Saddle Cyclery. After years of working in the industry, Kyle decided it was best to open his own shop. So he, Woody and Ty have been working overtime trying to get the shop open and one of the keys to owning a legit business is legit branding, which is why GSC got linked up with Geoff McFetridge.

Check out more at Tracko (dude gets two plugs back to back here, so he must be doing something right!).

Also, be sure you read what Kyle had to say about Low Bicycles and the Low Track!