Geekhouse Bikes: Two Point Oh!


Geekhouse Bikes: Two Point Oh!


The Geekhouse crew has overhauled their digital presence with a slick new website!

“After more than a year of planning we’re proud to present the all new Geekhouse website! We are big fans of our old website which has been our ‘store front’ for the past two years, but this re-iteration adds a lot of the functionality that was thinly-spread across the social web. We’ve brought the WordPress blog of ANTgate, FakeGeekhouseGate, and TronGate fame to the front page in an effort to share even more with our friends across the globe. Additionally, a host of new sharing options means we can get social like never before.

A ready to go Store section on the new site means you’ll be able to scoop up everything Geekhouse you’ve ever wanted with a few simple clicks. From t-shirts, bells, and soft goods to pint glasses and more available as fast as we can dream it up. Not to mention a detailed list including pricing and availability of ‘stock’ Geekhouse frames/forks and completes available at our retailers and distributors across the globe. Check out the Geekhouse store, purchase directly, and ride away. Simple ‘n sweet right?”

Check out the new site right here!