Geekhouse Bikes: Indonesian Rockcity Track Bike 01


Geekhouse Bikes: Indonesian Rockcity Track Bike 01


Finding out that your product has been knocked off is a huge bummer for a small business owner. Much less, a small frame builder! When Greg and Marty first discovered the Indonesian bootleg Geekhouse Rockcity track bikes on the internet, the guys were super bummed but that made them realize something: people in Indonesia want Geekhouses!

So from that moment, arose the opportunity for a distributor in Indonesia to carry a few Rockcity track bikes and here’s the first baby the guys in Allston cooked up!

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It’s kinda crazy to think that the Cherry Blossom trees are just now showing their petals. While the rest of the country is warming up, Boston’s still under a rainy, cloudy sky. But that sky cleared up just long enough for me to shoot these photos.


So when I offered to photograph the bikes, not knowing what color they had been Sugarcoated, I was stoked to see the salmon / pink fork on the first one.


It matched perfectly with all the pink all over the ground and when I started to shoot photos, the ghost of authenticity came and shook the tree to shower it in petals. I guess the old spirits of Allston were stoked for the guys just like I was! Check back tomorrow for a mean and lean track machine!

Check out a few more at my Flickr.