Fyxomatosis: New Decals


Fyxomatosis: New Decals


When all is said and done and bloggers begin to fade off or switch to other interests there will still be one. One man to rule them all with superior content. One man to show us beautiful bicycles, one man to rule the gingers. That man is Andy at Fyxomatosis. He was the first track-specific blogger and he will be the last. Crushing reposts and useless, minimalist banter, his work has reigned supreme since the Norseman first floated to conquer the tundra. With a thunderous roar, he announced his new decals last week while I was battlin’ rattlers and coyotes in Texas and damn, do they ever look good!

Andy, if you send me some, I’ll hook you up with some gray beard stickers and I’ll put one of yours on my Stuttgart Merckx.