Fyxomatosis: Grass Roots Blogging


Fyxomatosis: Grass Roots Blogging


Photos of Epicness by Andy White

Ok strike that last comment. You don’t need video or a camera crew to follow you on an epic ride, just mates. Andy from Fyxomatosis‘ work has always been an inspiration to me. I remember looking at his blog in the early days and thinking “one day, I’d love to do what he does”. Not that I intentionally went out and based my whole m.o. around that but you need inspiration in your life to make it meaningful.

Riding bikes is fun and that’s only amplified by riding bikes with friends. When I travel all over the world, I love meeting up with people and riding. Road, track, cross or fixed, it doesn’t matter to me. The time I’ve spent here in Melbourne with people has been some of the best moments that I can remember. Never would I have thought I’d be here right now and experiencing all of this. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it.

What Andy and Dan do here in Melbourne is so significant. It stems from a love and admiration of the bicycle. Both of those guys were doing it before bikes were cool and they do it because they have to. It’s an addiction, a fix and a love. Blogging and cycling is best when kept grassroots, maybe that’s what Andy meant by this post? I don’t know for sure. All I know is that I have had the time of my life here in Melbourne. It truly is the best city for cycling.

To everyone who has shown me around, presented me with their bikes, fed me, gave me coffee or whatever, THANK YOU. You’re the reason I do what I do: for the love.

Check out all of my coverage of Melbourne, even as it continues, right here in the tag search string and don’t worry, I’m still here for a few days!

I’m sitting on about 400 photos, so expect a few more posts. ;-)