From 29’r to 20″ and Back Again


From 29’r to 20″ and Back Again


I thought it’d be easier to make the transition from my 29’r to a BMX and truth be told, it’s been anything but easy. I’m re-learning everything from hitting hips to wall rides but after spending a good amount of time on the bike, I feel like I’m learning to do things the correct way. Since I never rode BMX before starting fixed freestyle, I missed out on a lot of basics and in a happenstance manner, I’m figuring it all out, all over again.

That said, it is helping me out a lot with my fixed riding and if I can get over hitting my knee on my top tube all the time, I think there will be a lot of reciprocity between the two wheel sizes. Yesterday AJ and I rode fixed and BMX and while we were riding this kind of shitty wall ride spot, he caught me on my Rosko, having fun. I just wish the dirt would dry up around here!