Freeman Transport Gravel Racer


Freeman Transport Gravel Racer

Freeman Transport‘s got a new project on the horizon. Entitled the Gravel Racer, this single speed touring bike comes in two models, the basic and the delux. The patinae on the fork is amazing. It looks like copper, but they used gun bluing and ferric browns to achieve the same rich coloration.

You can also purchase the waxed canvas and leather saddle bag for $75 from Freeman directly.

Text via Freeman Transport:

Nathaniel’s great-great-grandfather was an inventor during the Industrial Revolution. His contributions include many but perhaps his most controversial – the sites for the Colt .45.
In his honor we’ve built a bicycle with a finish similar to that gun, richly patinaed with gun bluing and ferric browns, sealed with tree wax and ready to age. It comes with or without couplings, stainless steel lugged rack, chain guard and fenders, and can be built fixed or coaster braked and is perfect for commuting or general transport.

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