Frances Cycles: The Farfarer Trailer

Designed by Quentin Lindh, the Farfarer Trailer is the result of more than 10 years of real-world design and testing. They have been overloaded, dragged through snow, mud and rock gardens. These trailers are very light at less than 10lbs and every piece is designed to never fail. It’s an over-engineered but still lightweight trailer, built for the long haul!

The long, curved tubes provide compliance and spring so the trailer doesn’t bounce around on rough terrain. The hitch is completely rigid so that climbing out of the saddle feels good and neutral. Mid-point couplers on the long tubes allow the trailer to break down and ship in a 36x16x7 box or pack into a normal bike box with a full-size bicycle, allowing for easy travel logistics to and from the tour. Use it in a city or in the country, it’s a perfect mate for hauling a load.

Recently re-worked and now built here by Frances Cycles. Still available in black with grey Cordura load bag, although don’t be surprised to see it pop up in some other colors as well.