For All Over Your City and More: Testing the All-City Mr. Pink Road

This bike should need no introduction to the readers of this site. It’s All-City’s flagship road model, made from Columbus Zona tubing and available this year in a classic throwback magenta and pink paint job. The Mr. Pink is one of the best steel road bikes on the market. It’s affordable and capable with the only limitations being those which you set yourself.

So what drew me to review this beaut? For the first time since this bike’s launch, I felt drawn to it in more than just an aesthetic attraction. All-City as a brand has hit the point now where they’re improving on their current catalog piecemeal, rather than focusing on launching entirely new models. At least that’s my observation and the Mr. Pink got some much-needed upgrades.

That and the classic Merckx-inspired paintjob sealed the deal for me. Yet, it’s not complete Telekom homage, moreso this rare paint design that I’ve only seen roll the halls of Velo Cult. Chevrons and pink, who could ask for more? Me.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Drop that PF30

I wanted to see the Mr. Pink drop the fussy PF30 shell. I have one on my steel road bike and it’s been a bit of a nuisance over the years and honestly, it didn’t make a lick of sense on the Mr. Pink to me. An English BB is such a hassle-free component. Even the crappy bottom brackets won’t creak. If you want something a little more balleur, go with a Chris King ceramic!

All-City Mr. Pink Road

The reason many people go with PF30 shells on steel frames is to use oversized tubing and profiles. Two things the Mr. Pink didn’t touch on and that’s a good thing! The silhouette of this bike is classic in a world where everything is oversized, shaped and 44mm or tapered, yet it still achieves a good amount of stiffness through using double butted Zona tubing.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Replaceable derailleur hanger!

You lean the bike against what appears to be a solid object when you go to take a leak (then it blows over,) or perhaps you take a spill and the bike falls over, bending the steel hanger or even snapping it off (which is pretty rare on a steel bike.) Regardless, you’ve now damaged the Achilles heel of a steel bike. With a replaceable hanger, you might be out of commission for a short while as you fix it, but at least your frame is still good.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

I’m a climber and a fighter…

This review began out of my front door with a 20 mile and 2,500′ ride. It’s my hour and a half loop that cleanses my mind of all things Internet. Now, bear in mind my other road bike is a 14lb carbon fiber bike that’s 100% custom, down to the layup. Yet upon hopping onto the Mr. Pink, I couldn’t believe how smooth of a ride it offered, completely stock.

It was completely capable of all my local climbs but it wasn’t until I headed into the mountains and had to sit and push for upwards of three hours that I began to feel a few essential upgrades that would need to happen in case of personal acquisition.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Upgrade me!

Whoever said don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades never rode a stock saddle. Yeah, I know saddles are a complex component and everyone has their preference, but like I said, these would be my personal choices for improvements on the stock setup. So, yes, new saddle.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

The Salsa stem and bars do the job, but I wanted a 120mm stem with some drop and bars with a bit more compliance. The stiffness of the cockpit takes away from the elegant, smooth ride of the frameset. As for the seat post, I rarely feel the need to get picky with those. An aluminum post is fine.

Believe it or not, everything else on this bike is solid.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

How solid?

The DT Swiss wheels aren’t the lightest wheels on the market but they’ll get the job done. Straight pull spokes, solid engagement and I imagine if you removed the logos, they’d look pretty stellar.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Rival 22 is a phenomenal groupset for the coin and I wouldn’t swap out anything, save for trying to fit a bigger cassette under the derailleur. Maybe a 32t would fit?

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Oh man, the tires are so good! I’ve loved the Strada LGG tires ever since putting them on my Merckx for Eroica California. Durable, fast rolling and hella grippy, even on chipseal. The best part of this build is the stock 28mm tire sizing, with plenty of room to spare.

All-City Mr. Pink Road


Stacked pennies and square. You’ll rarely find a gloopy bead on an All-City. The lugged moments and internal routing are all built with the utmost execution. The paint job has a nice pearlescent finish that sparkles in the California sun yet is durable enough to take a few rocks pinging off the downtube and occasional chain slap.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Seriously, this is the best paint job on the market. Kudos, guys.

All-City Mr. Pink Road-8

Ok, about the fork.

Oh you beautiful, elegant thing, you. The Mr. Pink fork is made from 4130 ChroMoly, has tapered fork blades a lugged crown and matching dropout lugs. It’s really pretty but it comes at a weight price. It’s heavy, even when compared to other steel forks but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It balances the bike and is part of the reason why this bike rides so damn well. You’re never going to get the weight of a custom, steel fork in a production bike, partially because of the rigorous testing All-City has to put their framesets through.

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Versatility is the new Mr. Pink

I throw that word around. A lot. “Versatility.” Capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.

Want a fast road bike? Slam the stem, drop a carbon fork on it, put on some race wheels and GO!

Want a commuter? Keep the spacers, pop on some fenders through utilizing the nifty “hidden” mounts in the rear triangle, maybe drop on a lightweight randonneur rack, a Wald basket and boogie.

Want a gravel road bike? Fit a 32mm slick under the calipers or upgrade to Paul Racer Minis.

You can even buy just a frame and put a classy Campagnolo group on it with silver components…

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Also, pump peg!

All-City Mr. Pink Road

Price is the bottom line.

The Mr. Pink comes spec’d as documented here, minus the Look pedals, King Cages and frame pump for under $2,000 or as a frameset for around $800. The Mr. Pink is available in a size 46 all the way to a 61cm. Contact your local dealer for ordering and make sure you test ride both sizes within your range.

Wait, what about weight?

My size 58cm weighed in at 25lbs on the dot without pedals or cages. You could shed some of that by swapping to a carbon cockpit, saddle and post for sure.