Fixed and One Launch


Fixed and One Launch


The Fixed and What guys are ready to launch!

“We’re launching at Look Mum No Hands on the 7th of April at 7pm.

The place is going to be turned into a gallery situation, showcasing people’s work that we’re featuring inside the first issue, with a free copy of the periodical everywhere your beady little eyes could possibly look. But hold up, is that something about winning all kinds of quality goods from 4TN, Fixed Shit Up, The Foot Down, The 5th Floor, ZLOG and more!?

This is where our game of Bingo comes in. Buy as many tickets as you like for a chance to win loads of awesome stuff on the night. Top prize is a limited edition (of 1) 14 Bike Co ESB in a super nice F&W colourway. We have shirts, hats, prints, stickers and other cool stuff to give away as prizes for 2nd and 3rd also.

Get over to the Facebook event page for updated info!”